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Just imagine Nike vs New Balance in a real boxing ring What would that look like? I believe it would be an exciting showdown, wouldn’t you say? since both of these brands have been influential from the inception of when we want to speak about name brands. When it comes to finding reliable and durable products, without a doubt I can say you can count on these stylish and durable brands unless you prefer knock offs or Chinese fast product, which are also totally fine, since we advocate for whatever your pockets can reach. By choosing well-established and reputable brands like these here Nike or New Balance, there is always a guarantee that your investment will be a profitable one. Whether you opt for bags, their apparels, accessories, or any other of their products, you will feel a sense of pride in your in yourself and purchase. These classics are highly recommendable brands, particularly for sports exciting enthusiasts who value and enjoy clothing that offers a well-fitted and comfortable feel every time. Whether you’re out in town with friends or you just want to hit the gym with your buddies or pals, these specific brands never fail in these types of challenges. Let’s take a little look into these two particular brands and let us explore more of what they have in store for us this year that has already captured the public’s attention. And with that being said, you can choose whether it’s Nike or New Balance for 2024.

My Perspective On Nike And New Balance

From humble beginnings, Nike’s ‘Just do it’ philosophy has always resonated with me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve just been doing it. There are numerous design brands out there but if you ask me, I would personally say that Nike stands out as a major brand , in the big league of designer brands. New Balance, on the other hand, is absolutely impressive. It is a well-crafted brand, very stylish with durable gears from head to toe. I’ve owned many New Balance gears as a kid growing up but it has never been my favorite. There’s just something about Nike that goes beyond mere recognition; it’s the very essence of their philosophies that attracts me. The ‘just do it’ mantra aligns perfectly with my beliefs and approach to life, like I said earlier, for as long as I can remember, I’ve just been doing it and for this reason, Nike is more than just a brand for me – it’s a personal choice. Don’t get me wrong! New Balance is a really great brand. As a matter of fact, I know quite a lot of people that love New Balance and while I love the quality and style of New Balance, Nike is more appealing. In fact, when it comes to men’s attire in particular, Nike is my style.

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Whether you’re on the hunt for new back pack, bags apparels shoes or accessories choosing between these two particular brands is almost like asking someone to choose their favorite child which is an impossible task. But there’s no denying that both brands are undeniably spectacular in their own way and it’s just a matter of preference. Leave your comments and let me know what you guys prefer. Are you team Nike or Team New Balance? Share your thoughts below.

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Nike Versus New Balance Brand Identities

When we speak about some of the most successful branding and marketing strategies, Nike and New Balance are absolutely remarkable and I am sure, you are all excited to learn about their story and what sets them apart. As I’ve stated before, Nike is unquestionably a successful and unforgettable brand. The brand is famous for its authentic pioneering ideas, style, and exceptional products and services. Over the years, the brand has encountered many hurdles and drawbacks but managed to build a powerhouse by staying true to its core beliefs. If we examine the brand closely, we will realize that the brand is more than just about selling athletic apparels and branded footwear. Instead, the core values of the brand is a direct representation of its consumers. When consumers purchase the brand, they get to feel and interact with the brand. There is this positivity that makes them believe that they can persevere and overcome any challenges or roadblocks life throws at them and I believe that this is what sets Nike apart and puts them on the forefront of attaining customer loyalty. Their ‘just do it’ tagline is the perfect way of connecting with their customers on an emotional level and this has enabled them to achieve a large market share over the years.

Now, let’s explore the brand identity of New Balance. Over the years, New Balance underwent a significant brand transformation. This famous brand is known for providing consumers with comfort, new innovations and quality. For over a century, the company has a reputation of giving their consumers high-quality footwear and apparel. Their philosophy behind the brand is a bit similar to Nike since their purpose is to engage their customers on a personal level. Their brand identity is centered on empowering their consumers to be persistent and passionate in their dreams and goals whether it be sports, fitness or their normal day to day lives and their philosophy is ingrained in their slogan ‘ Fearlessly independent since 1906’ which is a reflection of their independence and determination from the get-go. Also, the ‘N’ and the ‘B’ are way more than just the initials of the brand. The logo embodies the brand’s dedication and commitment to offering their customers balance and support, hence the name ‘New Balance’. The iconic speed marks accompanying the ‘N’ represents what the brand is all about, which is speed and motion. So whether you opt for running shoes or simply want to do some training, New Balance is the way to go.

Nike brand print is on demand.

Marketing Strategies

When it comes to the marketing strategies of both brands, there is no doubt that each brand is very competitive. Nike’s famous tagline is one of their best marketing strategies because they are able to attract their consumers on a personal level. Nike also invests in promoting and advertising their brand on a global scale by endorsing famous and influential celebrities wearing their gears. I believe you guys are aware of some of the most influential people who advertise for Nike and support the brand. These major key players such as Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Christiano Ronaldo among many others are highly influential people in their own right and Nike successfully capitalizes on their influence to win over a large customer base which I find pretty impressive. Their digital strategy is noteworthy to mention as well. Nike leverages its website well by customizing and designing it in such a way where it is easy for their customers to navigate and make purchases.

Just like Nike, New Balance adopted a similar marketing strategy by partnering with major key players from various categories of sports like football, basketball etc. with the major ones being baseball, and soccer to expand their customer base and reach a wide target audience. In addition, New Balance collaborates with high profile designers like J.Crew and Off-White to offer collections that include style and functionality. We can say that this move definitely sets New Balance apart from its competitors because not only do they provide quality athletic wear for their consumers, they offer various products which have a blend of style, function and sustainability. They also leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and X to share product launches and details about their platforms.

Their website functions as the focal point of their digital marketing initiatives, delivering an engaging brand experience for consumers. When you go on their website, you will see that the layout is friendly, it’s easy to navigate , and there is appealing imagery to showcase the brand’s core principles and products. Because they prioritize ecommerce optimization, you as the consumer get to have a satisfied shopping experience that’s suited for your needs.

Sales and Revenue

Both Nike and New Balance have been generating remarkable growth in their sales over the last few years. The CEO of New Balance Joe Preston stated that in 2022 alone, New Balance recorded 5.3 billion in revenue and a 21 %with the potential of generating more than 10 billion annually over the next few years. Major collaborations with Bembury, JJJJound, and Aime Leon Dore have seen a 128% increase during 2021 and 2022 alone. In May 2022 alone, Nike recorded 29 billion in sales plus an additional 2 billion from converse which puts them ahead of their competitors. For six months ended Nov. 30, 2023, Nike reported a 1% growth in revenue to 26.3 billion and a rise in the gross profit from 3% to 11.7 billion. These figures alone show us that both New Balance and Nike are making their statement in the athletic and apparel industry leaving nothing but complete satisfaction from their consumers.

Balancing both time and money

Nike Versus New Balance Running Shoes / Hot Topics For 2024

The last running event held in Austin, Texas was a great success for many brands who wasted no time to showcase their products and services. It was the greatest event that got everyone excited for 2024. Nike and New Balance have made quite an impression on the runway and talks have it that the consumers of these two major brands are in for a big surprise!

The anticipation of Nike’s return of the Alphafly has got everyone excited! Nike made this grand announcement on the first day of the event and its got everyone in anticipation. The shoe is a clear return to the glory days of the OG Alphafly, having already secured the men’s world record in the marathon distance. Also, leaked photos indicate the upcoming release of both the Pegasus 41 and the return of the Pegasus Turbo 3.

On the other hand, New Balance appears cool, calm and collective while they displayed the forthcoming release of several inspiring models showcased at the event. Crucially, the imminent launch of the FuelCell Pacer v2 priced at $200 in the autumn of 2024 is designed to present advanced FuelCell technology and upgraded construction. This version is evidently focused on providing better performance in comparison to its forerunner as demonstrated by Emily Sisson’s use of the v1 model for non-marathon runs. Visually stunning, the FuelCell Pacer v2 is poised to make a significant impact. Another noteworthy addition is the Balos, set to launch in Summer 2024 at a price point of $200. This new entrant in the Fresh Foam family incorporates a combination of FuelCell, Fresh Foam, and Peba, delivering unparalleled comfort in a lightweight design. Not forgetting, the upcoming August release of the $155 More v5 cannot go unmentioned, this will feature the same midsole material found in the 1080v13, albeit in larger quantities. Essentially serving as an amplified version of the 1080, the More v5 has generated tremendous excitement and anticipation.

We are all excited for these releases from the brands in 2024. Drop a comment below and let me know how you guys feel about these new model running shoes set to release from Nike and New Balance.

Crocs eyes open

Eye Catching Releases To Look Out For

We are going to look at the list of exciting new collections that your wallet can afford today to add to your personal array coming from Nike and New Balance also more which has got everyone in anticipation.

After doing all of the research and reviews on all of the leaks, previews and also runway highlights during the course of last year 2023, a list of the most exciting designs that have arrived in 2024 was put together for you to help you with your choices. Nike and Jordan Brand are both on the runway and known for having their pairs leaked out much more earlier than their competitors, including brands like ASICS, New Balance, Louis Vuitton and adidas with their upcoming projects creating a lot of buzz too. Feel free to enjoy this complete breakdown and guide below, and be sure to let us know in the comments below what shoes you’re preparing your wallet to do for your feet in 2024.

Action Bronson x New Balance 1906R

If you’re into colors like Action Bronson you would have enjoyed the Debuting of his first collaboration with New Balance last year. If you’re looking to make a statement with your feet with some classic shoes this year, Action Bronson and New Balance are here serving you up some real special goods.

Nike Air 180 “Ultramarine”

This prototype Air 180 has been an evolving piece since 1991 and the “Ultramarine” is the brand’s latest development in the running. It did not start off with a significant buzz but special editions for Ye and Eminem in the ‘00s we can say played a major role in amplification of this silhouette. The design also went on to be revitalized in 2018 through COMME des GARÇONS Homme Plus.

New Balance

Bode x Nike Astro Grabber

With both menswear and womenswear debuting since 2016, label Bode is bringing a whimsical approach and continuing to serve some really impressive creativity.

With a rumor of teaming up with Nike its bringing back an archival silhouette — in the Astro Grabber.

With this release, fans of the two brands can look out for it to grab as soon as.

Nike Slogan - Just Do It

Supreme x Nike Clogposite

This is another Release on this List that did not start off on a high demand. As street wear on the New York’s street empire Supreme, Nike looks to capitalize on the slip-on craze with a return of the Air Flightposite-inspired Clogposite. It has revived an archival Nike silhouette as the Clogposite and known to be more suited for a today’s market.

This collaboration launch and the several in-line colorways for the feet will be Looking good for more warmer whether.


cutting-edge has an approach to sportswear that has led this pair to a flight rise in the fashion industry, even since being founded in only 2018.

At the Paris Fashion Week that was held last June, the South Korean label revealed their efforts to team up with another brand that’s rapidly growing.

By blending its ultramodern design language with a penchant on performance and creating a collection that are bringing out the best in both.

Louis Vuitton Footprint Boot

This Footprint boot from Louis Vuitton is without doubt on the product line and on today’s viral oriented footwear scene.

It’s signature monogram is boldly printed across the fuzzy shearling upper, exaggerated extravagantly.

With a sort of absurdity you can see and count on celebrities or influencers flooding social media with these pairs.


Teaming up with the likes of Goldwin and Salomon, this brand has gone through a successful transition and being recognized as turning into a full fledge brand.

It is continuing to appeal in the world of streetwear their latest footwear project is a white, silver and green take on the GEL-NYC. It is featuring a digital-theme detailing with a pixelated version of ASICS’ Tiger Stripes with a version of the HIDDEN.NY logo.

Cecilie Bahnsen x ASICS GEL-QUANTUM

After her first project hitting the runway in Spring/Summer 2023 along with ASICS.

Cecilie Bahnsen’s recognition has been well-earned and received.

Using her signature elegance she brought a new purpose by reimagining ASICS. With plenty more surprises to come and pivoting to the GEL-QUANTUM for this year’s Spring/Summer 2024, this pair is presented in an all-black finish while covering in flower-shaped embellishments.

Nike Shoes for jumping sports

Travis Scott and Jordan Jumpman Jack

Heading into and already starting 2024, the time for La Flame to introduce to the world his first ever signature shoe with the name Jordan Jumpman Jack.

Fans will surely be doing everything they can to put their hands on to secure a pair for this year, 2024. Travis Scott has been one of the most dominant figures around footwear over the past recent years, while taking up top spot in the SNKRS entry data from since 2022 and 2023. It’s a Combination of signature motifs coming from artists such as his reverse Swooshes with the trendy color compositions along with a street-ready build.

Salehe Bembury x Corcs Pollex Juniper

Making a significant impact with a strategic move to partner with Crocs the partnership is in its fourth year running and while becoming creative director of the newly formed Pollex Pod division last year (2023).

Last year, in 2023, Bembury went on Instagram and revealed its most ambitious project coming from the brand so far, which is a sneaker. Initially, a preview was highlighted of the sole, and while utilizing the fingerprint design that wraps around the Pollex Clog. Take a fast track forward to this year and see the Crocs Pollex Juniper being revealed with a perforated toe box and also heel to emphasize the breathability, textured upper and layered collar.

Nike KD 4 “Nerf”

13 years ago, Kevin Durant and Nike Basketball debuted the pair of KD 4 and for a really slick Superstar it’s the latest signature shoe. He still continues to shake up the world with new sneakers each season, with the KD 4 entering a renaissance period with OG colorways like the “Galaxy,” “Weatherman” and “Nerf” which, by the way are all returning in 2024.

“Nerf” stands alone and out as it is rumored that this release is fully drenched in nostalgia.

It isn’t on the scene quite just yet, but you can expect a playful graphic and the wild color composition that will make a return in the fall.

Nike Kobe 8 Protro “Venice Beach”

We have another blast from the past landing in the 2024 list and lined up updates in brand sneaker releases which is a hot topic when it comes to the late Kobe Bryant’s Nike Kobe 8 Protro “Venice Beach.” With homage made to the eclectic California neighborhood, the retro look has a vibrant combination of grey, blue, yellow and also a orange coloring all throughout its court-ready build. If you would like something fresh and new, the “Radiant Emerald,” “Court Purple” along with the “Mambacita” colorways are all set and scheduled to arrive anytime throughout this year in 2024 as well.

New Balance Apparel

Issey Miyake x New Balance MT10

With a great or fantastic tribute to Miyake’s Spring/Summer 1998 collection there was a surprising collaboration formed between the brand and New Balance if you saw the trail-ready MT10 and if you had reviewed Issey Miyake’s Spring/Summer 2024 show.

Their first project together was the duo equipping the MT10 with several monochromatic makeovers that is blending the grace of Issey Miyake with a technical specification in the MT10 for an exciting debut.

JJJJound x adiddas Samba

With its 75th anniversary this year, along with the three Stripes it is looking to keep the red-hot model in the limelight. Backing adidas Samba is a long-rumoured collaboration with JJJJound on the retro soccer sneaker and is sure to serve up as one of the many projects involving the brand Samba on the trendiest sneakers with one of the most successful collaborators known in streetwear.

Futura x Nike SB Dunk Low

After 21 years of the first take on the silhouette, the brand Futura offers a plethora of sought-after collaborations even since the early ‘00s. Being a frequent partner of Nike, it has opted to relive and revisit the SB Dunk Low in 2024.

With multiple callouts to the artist in courtesy of its signature being at the heel and also on the tongue tag it is known to again leverage the several blue hues along with a galaxy-esque finish across its overlays.

Balenciaga Sock Sneaker

If you’re looking for the new wave in two parts socks and one part sneaker, this Balenciaga Sock Sneaker is the latest exploration that is not just a footwear but it reduces footwear to the bare essentials.

It has always been a battle between Guram at VETEMENTS and Demna at Balenciaga. The original and former quickly expressed total displeasure when the latter works were revealed. Sharing while stating “Accept no imitations. #NothingBeatsTheOriginal,” on an Instagram post after YZY Pods was released by Ye and Balenciaga when they revealed the Sock Sneaker. Whichever floats your boat of either Gvasalia brother or if you just want to enjoy the spectacle from the sidelines, these Sock Sneakers Saga will continue to remain as an enjoyable story to keep watching unfold.

Nike Book 1

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns seems to be facing a cloudy season, Nike’s signature Book 1 has taken up its spot in the spotlight. The prices and sales currently at a soaring momentum and a lot of people are eagerly anticipating this official launch after the limited release of the only 500 pairs during the Art Basel that was in Miami. Taking inspiration from Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1, the new Book 1 is a sensation custom designed for not only basketball players or lovers but for any use in any sports that consists of running, training, exercising etc. The versatility positioned on this brand to be another great potential bestseller, making this year one of Nike’s most profitable and exciting years.

Comfortable-fitting Nike shoes for any activity

Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy”

Ever since a few years back in the past, many sneakers fans were filling the streets with excitement, a lot of people were waiting in lines for almost a week just to catch the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Galaxy.’

Now we’re in 2024, you can see and expect a bigger and better comeback of this classic pair of sneakers of course. If you did never had the chance to experience the feel of this great pair of sneakers or you have just joined the sneakers club, look out and get ready for an exciting showdown as you’ll see this pair of sneakers making its way back into the limelight.

NIGO x NIKE Air Force 3 Low

With this inspiration coming from Nike Air Force 1 Low, the Japanese streetwear known icon NIGO took the center stage in the “90s and 00s” with BAPE and the other classic BAPE STA. Now in 2024, its looking like NIGO is stepping out and embarking on a new and exciting journey with Nike to launch their first pair of designer sneakers. It was around last year November, NIGO was caught wearing a pair of Air Force 3 Lows, this designer piece wasn’t released as yet which potentially hints at a joint collaboration. But whatever Nike and NIGO come up with, with assurances it will be a major turnaround for the brands.

Air Jordan 1 High OG “Black Toe Reimagined”

Rumor had it that the Air Jordan 1 was making a grand return in 2022. But while sneaker fans were eagerly anticipating its arrival after waiting a long period with no sneak peaks, hints were leaked last month end highlighting that the “Black Toe Reimagined” will be making a grand appearance in the holiday season. No snapshots were leaked to the public as yet so we will just have to wait and see what the team has in store for us this year. There’s no doubt that it will be an exciting one.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low “Black Olive”

Since 2019, Travis Scott and Air Jordan were making their own sneaker statements in the footwear industry by breaking records with their repeated successful collaborations. Their upcoming earthly tones “Black Olive” and their vibrant white, yellow and blue “Canary” are bound to make an impact in the sneaker landscape.

Nike Slogan Just Do It

J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 “Rio”

The royal J Balvin of Reggaeton has made headlines once again with the Air Jordan series following the success of his latest launch, “Medellin Sunset.” This year he is going all in with the J Balvin x Air Jordan 3 “Rio”– a dedication to his son featuring a pitch black, off- white upper with a unique gradient which makes it all the more impressive.

Air Jordan 4 “Industrial Blue”

The Air Jordan 4 is sure to have a statement year in 2024 as it celebrates its 35th anniversary. While another pair from A Ma Maniére is on the way alongside a “Bred Reimagined” look, the “Military Blue” finish is also returning for the third time. While it now officially carries the “Industrial Blue” name, it is the most true homage to the original pair from 1989 as it is the first reissue of the sneaker to utilize Nike Air branding at the heel.

MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon XT-4 Mule

Do you want to add a little spice to your line of sneakers? Then look no further cause Maison Margiela and Solomon created a special partnership that’s got everyone buzzing. You are about to see yet another full fledged transformation of Solomon’s XT-4 which was turned into a cool Mule masterpiece.

Imagine the feeling of just sliding into a perfectly pair of sneakers designed specially for you? Well you are about to find out when you see the end product of this masterpiece. As a sneaker fan, it’s all about mixing things up and standing out which makes this design perfect for all the sneaker fans. Who knew sneakers would be so much fun?

We are all excited for these releases from the brands in 2024. Drop a comment below and let me know how you guys feel about these new model running shoes set to release from Nike and New Balance.


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  1. Bob Lynch Avatar
    Bob Lynch

    Hi LashoneLE,As a runner, I’ve worn so many different brands of shoes, including both Nike and New Balance that I’ve never really known much about either of the companies. This article taught me more than I ever thought possible about either company. It’s a very thorough, detailed and formative piece of work. I can’t really say I have a preference for any brand. My first concern is comfort. My second concern is price. On the other hand, now, after reading what you wrote, I will have information I hadn’t thought of before. Thanks for all the info. Keep up the good work.


    1. LashoneLE Avatar

      Hey Bob It’s great to hear that you appreciate the information to help you make a more informed decision when buying, and it is fair to say that I also have no preference for any particular brand, though I do appreciate a good Nike. Comfort is key, and being appealing is a plus for a reasonable price. Stay connected and feel free to indulge. I am glad to help.

  2. As a fan of both Nike and New Balance, I found it interesting to learn more about their brand identities and marketing strategies. With the anticipated releases for 2024, I’m excited to see what both brands have in store. I do have a question  – Do you think Nike’s marketing strategy of partnering with major celebrities for endorsements will continue to be effective in the long run, or do you think they should shift their focus to other marketing tactics?

    1. LashoneLE Avatar

      Hey Ronald, It is great to hear that you have gained a little insight into the brands you appreciate. However, since Nike’s tactics have been centred around the most famous and influential people on the planet flaunting the brand and proudly advertising to the world, this has had a very massive impact on the brand’s identity and even as a trend setter since other brands are following the pattern. I personally think it will continue to have a massive impact, along with other fresh new ideas to implement, which can continue to give the brand even more boost than it has already attained. So in short, yes, I think it will continue to grow in the long run.

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