My Wealthy Affiliate REVIEW – Why It Ranks #1

The Company’s Name: Wealthy Affiliate

URL to the Website:

Price: Starter FREE.

Price: Premium $49/mo, and Premium Plus+ $99/mo

Founders: Kyle and Carson

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

Community: 2.7+ MILLION Members

Trust Pilot User Rating: 4.9/5

Research Tools: 5/5

Customer Care: 5/5

Classes and Training: 5/5

WordPress Hosting: 5/5

Websites: 5/5

Yes, indeed the Test Drive is FREE. Start moving in this direction! (A credit card is not necessary)

The mission of Wealthy Affiliate, a Very comprehensive platform, is to assist aspirant and extraordinarily successful internet business owners with the creation, growth, and scaling of their online ventures. The most experienced company in this area is Wealthy Affiliate, which has been around since 2005. Additionally, it has earned the highest ratings from more than 50,000 independent evaluations, and as of right now, it has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot.

The fact is Wealthy Affiliate’s platform is all-inclusive and sets it apart from the competition in the market. In addition to receiving hands down the best, top-notch training, you will also receive all the websites, hosting, research and writing tools, and professional assistance required to operate an online business (rather than having to pay for each of these services individually).

In other words, whether you have expertise managing an online business or not, you can enter a Wealthy Affiliate location and get all you need there.

About the Founders.

Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate (shown on the left), and Carson – (the other co-founder) -(shown on the right), are known to be very vocal detractors. Co-Founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson

At the time when Kyle and Carson founded Wealthy Affiliate, they were both independently extremely successful internet affiliate marketers.

Before deciding to launch Wealthy Affiliate in 2005, they both spent three years developing successful affiliate marketing businesses after meeting in college while studying computer science. They realized that if they could succeed, they could teach others, which is how it all began.

They both resided in Victoria.

Kyle has been doing affiliate marketing since age 21 and is now just over his 40s. Kyle and Carson are both HUGE supporters of not only serving the needs of others but also those of Wealthy Affiliate members. In their own words, they created Wealthy Affiliate based on the desires (and occasionally demands) of Wealthy Affiliate members, and continue to develop the community and platform in accordance with their desires.

The Wealthy Affiliate platform is constantly being improved because they are dedicated to the community and help all day, every day. Within the community is where you can reach out to both Kyle and Carson directly if you ever wish to within the platform form.

The entire focus is on this. Providing assistance, serving as mentors, and sharing 40 years of total affiliate marketing experience.

Here are just a few illustrations of the kinds of interactions they have with members within the platform every day (and, every hour).

Members and CEO in live chatMembers and CEO in live chatMembers and CEO in live chatMembers and CEO in live chat
This is the standard kind of newcomer comments every day in and out. Wealthy Affiliate cares a great deal—more than ANY other business in the sector. I am going to support that and show you why!

Basic Instructions. A Proper Approach to Starting a Successful Business.

When you lack context, assistance, real-world examples from experts, and other factors that can help you make sense of it all, training is just training. With thousands of materials and countless hours of classes, Wealthy Affiliate offers the largest training database in the world.

In the present moment, let me stress the importance of the “core” and foundation-building instruction that you will begin receiving as soon as you enter Wealthy Affiliate’s back office.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is the key to getting started online, whether you are just starting out or if you have some experience. This training is 50 lessons (5 Courses) and will literally take you from the early stages of choosing your business’s direction to expanding and scaling that business for long-term success.

Building a business can be done in both the RIGHT way and the WRONG way. Unfortunately, a lot of the training out there will lead you astray since it is inaccurate or contains out-of-date knowledge.

The training provided by Wealthy Affiliate guides you through the crucial phases you must comprehend when setting up a profitable business online.

The first 10 lessons will cover the following topics, to name:

  • How to Choose a Lucrative Direction for Your Business
  • Building a Profit-Ready Website
  • A Full Breakdown of the Make Money Process
  • Getting Your Website Ready for Ranking in Google
  • How to Structure Your Website for Future Success
  • Setting up Your Content Framework
  • Achieving Ideal Design With Your Website Layout
  • Creating Custom Menus & Sub-Menus On Your Website
  • Finding Low Competition, High Ranking Keyword Opportunities
  • Gearing Up for a Long Term and Successful Journey Online

Those are just the first 10 classes. Before you know it, you’ll have a successful business up and running.

Ten Classes
If you want to build a long-term, sustainable business (or multiple businesses), there is a proper process you must adhere to. If you can master this process, you will have a fantastic journey ahead of you. The Wealthy Affiliate Community is committed to assisting you in mastering these, and as you progress through each training class, you have access to unlimited professional support.

Learn From Experts if You Want to Be an Expert.

I’m intrigued by an old Chinese saying according to Kyle, Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate and it relates to education and hastening the process of reaching commercial success (and in life). It proceeds as follows.

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

To put it another way, if you want to become an expert, you need to learn directly from those professionals about their experiences and their understanding of YOUR route in front of you. That is the appeal of Wealthy Affiliate’s platform for expert classes.
These are weekly, in-person classes that take place all throughout the week. There are, in fact, at least 250 classes per year. They are taught by some of the most successful Internet Entrepreneurs in the internet business and are PURE value.

These REAL individuals are producing REAL life success. People who have experience in the gold pit can impart their knowledge and assist you in avoiding obstacles that would inescapably lead to failure. People who can assist you in achieving the same goal.
You’ll want to broaden your skill set and knowledge after establishing your essential and core basis through certification training or Bootcamp. Through the Classes platform, this may be done in an ongoing, interactive manner.

You can ask questions throughout the live stream since each and every class has a FULL Question & Answer period. This is effective since you can ask if there is a subject you don’t understand or if you want the actual expert to elaborate on what they are saying.
You will receive immediate access to this sample lesson, “The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Online,” after you sign up.

Video Training on the 4 steps

You can access the replay of a class after it’s finished and watch it as many times as you’d like. It is added to the Wealthy Affiliate database of expert classes, which has more than 500+ HOURS of fantastic instruction.

You won’t find training that will assist you in growing your company that is more up-to-date, more knowledgeable, and more involved as a Wealthy Affiliate.

You will be cordially welcomed to classes even as a Starter member because you will instantly have access to (Kyle’s) lesson on The 4 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Business. This will demonstrate the exact 4-step, streamlined process that Wealthy Affiliate teaches and that has produced affiliate marketers that make six and seven figures.

If you’re seeking to get started, I strongly advise you to check this out for Free. Once more, you can sign up as a Starter member and launch your business right away. You will then have immediate access to this class.

ADVANTAGES of the Classes:

  1. Direct access to specialists’ knowledge
  2. Accelerate achievement by years by gaining knowledge from the successful
  3. Avoid catastrophic business failures.
  4. Weekly, broaden your knowledge base and achievements.
  5. Instruction that is up to date, as opposed to the 99% of online training that is outdated.

Kyle teaches “One” keyword may be worth $1,000 or more.

A very effective marketer can be distinguished from one who has little success by knowing their audience and being able to identify huge pockets of opportunity online. Throughout the years, (Kyle) has been able to rank for a handful of phrases that have brought in thousands of dollars. One piece, one publication, thousands of dollars in continuous and residual income as he affirms.Keywords into cash

That is the case if you know how to conduct effective keyword research, have access to the best tools for the job, and understand how to do it.

Whether you are seeking “ideas” for a business or you want to locate low-competition keywords that will provide a lot of value to your business, Wealthy Affiliate offers an outstanding array of research tools and platforms that you can apply within ALL types of online enterprises.

My Concluded thoughts & EXTRAS, Let’s talk about BONUSES

Without a doubt, I can declare that Wealthy Affiliate is a well-rounded, condensed course of action that will impact not only the size of your money account but also every aspect of who you are as a person. The values, direction, and camaraderie are all-encompassing. You’ll be amazed by your own abilities when you put the training and implementation tactics into practice, (I know I was).

Being a part of such a Massive Community to network and engage with people you would otherwise only see on the TV advertisement, social media, or commercials selling you another product, item, or service for your consumption, foremost that is what my Mentors Kyle and MikaelM taught me. Why not, then, join the largest and fastest-growing Community of Successful Business Entrepreneurs, which has nothing but your’s and Wealthy Affiliate member’s best interests at heart, and help this Amazing Community to continue to produce and grow more Successful Entrepreneurs, You can be the Next Success.

EXTRAS, Let’s talk about BONUS

There is nothing to lose with a $0 NO PAYMENT STARTER. Also, I am located right here to address any dissatisfaction if any arises. Highly doubt you will be dissatisfied because of the simplicity and support you’ll instantly have access to as a Premium-supported member.

The only thing I will ask of you upon joining is if you do, PLEASE SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. You will be guided all the way through when joining Wealthy Affiliate.


Do not miss these Awesome BONUSES…

If you decide to upgrade to a PREMIUM membership within the first 7 days after creating an account, your FREE Starter Account, I’ll send you a bonus (along with a 59% discount). After you sign up for a Wealthy Affiliate account, I will personally message you on your profile with a “welcome” and some additional details about WA, how to contact me for help, and how to collect your bonus. Some pretty awesome stuff that will blow your mind…

This Online Beast, Wealthy Affiliate is the missing piece of the puzzle to catapult your Online World. Do not regret missing this opportunity to grow. You will be delaying your success if you don’t Take action NOW….


A quick view at Wealthy Affiliate

The Company Name: Wealthy Affiliate


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: Starter FREE.

Price: Premium $49/mo, and Premium Plus+ $99/mo

Overall Scam Rank: 98 out of 100


I also want you to feel like you can reach out to me if you ever have any questions or want to share any ideas you have related to any type, style, or brand of bags you share an interest in. Or join and let’s meet up over at Wealthy Affiliate, you can also just drop me a comment to say Hi right here below, that is Cool with me.

Appreciatively, Best Regards!!

Lashone Eldorado




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