My Solid Affiliate – REVIEW

The Company Name: Solid Affiliate

Price: (30-day money back guarantee) Use on single WooCommerce store-$99/ year

Use on up to 10 WooCommerce stores-$499/ year.

Owner/Founder: Mike HolubowskiAffiliate Marketing

Overall Rank: 4.5

Trust Pilot User Rating: 4.5

Solid Affiliate, Product Overview

The fruit that eventually prospered as Solid Plugins was formed in 2018. The founder turned his attention to WordPress after creating software products for significant corporations, such as Google, for almost ten years. At the time, it appeared that the majority of WordPress goods lacked the excellence and care for detail that were typical in other businesses.

WordPress was only going to grow, and the developer was confident in their abilities to create top-notch products because they had years of experience working with Fortune 500 organizations to back them up. The firm may produce high-quality goods with minimal waste. They created Solid Affiliate two years later.

A WordPress product is “Solid Affiliate”

This company was introduced by the group in 2021. An affiliate marketing program is added to the store where Solid Affiliate is deployed through a WordPress plugin.

Solid Affiliate does a good job of solving a certain apparent problem. It’s also dependable, simple to use, and reasonably priced… Customers who have given testimonials are content.

It paid off for them to take their time and develop the product over many years before launching. The tens of thousands of internal software tests find flaws before their customers do, making the process of introducing a new feature faster than previously thought possible.
Competitive engineers started the organization Solid Affiliate. As is well-known, their strategy is to create products that are so reliable and effective that competitors would eventually be unable to outperform Solid Affiliate.

Climb your money ladder
Solid Affiliate is available for download and offers transparent pricing that covers everything, claiming there are no premium extras or hidden expenses. Additionally, they promise to keep creating high-quality items and to pay attention to and act upon customers’ concerns.

The Good Things about “Solid Affiliate”

1. They provide instruments to ensure effectiveness when developing WordPress domains.

2. They provide help with feedback and an incentive referral program.

3. Reasonably inexpensive to start and maintain a business.

Things to be mindful of:

1. The 20 reviews on Trustpilot are not recent, making it difficult to determine whether clients are actually satisfied with the services.

2. There is only the promised 30-day money-back guarantee; there is no free access or extras.

3. Is also reasonably priced compared to other comparable products with similar tools.

Who is Solid Affiliate For?Marketing process

For WooCommerce enterprises, it is ideal. Solid Affiliate is the ideal solution if you want to implement an affiliate program in your online WooCommerce/E-commerce store.

Solid Affiliate Tools & Training

With a built-in, 4-step setup wizard, Solid Affiliate operates using WordPress plug-ins.

Solid Affiliate Support

The platform makes it clear that it is committed to providing clients with advice and documentation for each plugin screen. Additionally, there is a Request a Feature button along the Plugin Road Map tab, To assist with any requests from those clients to improve the Company’s platform.

Solid Affiliate Price:

Single Store owner, Normally* $199\

Now only for $99/ year with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Utilize one WooCommerce shop

Wizard for 2-minute setup

Countless affiliates

Countless conversions

Exceedingly innovative

Every integration is featured

Includes all add-ons

Yearly basis additional help

Yearly updated software

Thirty days’ money-back promise

Agency Boost host up to 10 stores, Normally* $999\

Now only for $499/year, with 30-day money-back guarantee-

Utilize up to 10 WooCommerce shops-

Wizard for 2-minute setup-

Countless affiliates-

Countless conversions-

Exceedingly innovative-

Every integration is featured-

Includes all add-ons-

Yearly basis additional help-

Yearly updated software-

Thirty days’ money-back promise.

Satisfied Client

My Final Opinion of Solid Affiliate

Introducing a strong affiliate program can be all that’s required to promote your eCommerce business.

Establishing an affiliate program is beneficial in the long run for smaller businesses. It’s an excellent approach to gather a compelling group of supporters that are eager to spread the word about your products.

You may incorporate an affiliate or referral program to any WooCommerce site with the use of a brand-new WordPress plugin. People can sign up to become affiliates for your company, and you can keep track of any sales they actually produce. The plugin also enables several payment channels for affiliate payments and gives you control over the commissions you distribute.

While Solid Affiliate has fair pricing, you are still investing money on your website, and unlike my number #1 Affiliate Marketing Company “Wealthy Affiliate” which is a bit more affordable and gives access to great tools, and has a massive community of 2.3+ million members which I am also a member to grow your Online Business and is unmatched in my opinion.


Link WooCommerce coupons to affiliates through the use of coupon referrals.

Track sales, payouts, and other statistics in real time as soon as it occurs.

Adaptable commissions: Choose a base commission rate and have the opportunity to modify it for particular affiliates or commodities.

Affiliate cookies life: Select the number of days for which the referral affiliate cookie is applicable.

Set a grace time for refunds to safeguard against refunds while paying commissions.

Fully automated payouts – With only a few clicks, pay your affiliates using PayPal or export a CSV for manual payments.

Set up recurring commission rates in WooCommerce subscriptions for compliance with subscriptions.

The plugin works with Divi, Oxygen, Elementor, and many more prominent builders.

WooCommerce and Solid Affiliate

A WooCommerce affiliate program can be established with Solid Affiliate. All of its features appear to perform as anticipated during their testing by consumers. Several basic capabilities, like the ability to personalize the registration form, are still missing, As demand for the plugin grows over time, its originator may add more features.

In terms of price, Solid Affiliate is substantially less expensive than other affiliate plugins. It is now offered for $99 and includes endless support, updates, and websites. Even the $199 cost is modest when compared to the prices of competitor plugins that provide features similar to those of Solid Affiliate.Wealthy Affiliate lessons outlined

Why Wealthy Affiliate is for me?

As shown in the image above, Wealthy Affiliate varies significantly from other platforms in this sector as a result. My top-ranked affiliate platform, Wealthy Affiliate, offers all the required tools at a minimal cost and prioritizes the support of its users. Starting with a FREE course on how to launch your company. You’ll truly learn how to make it ready to go, scale it out for just $49 per month for premium, and goes up to $99 per month for premium+ with more tools and access to scale it even further. That’s my take on affiliate marketing.

Solid Affiliate at a Glance…

The Company Name: Solid Affiliate


Owner: Mike Holubowski

Price: Single Store owner, Normally* $199\

Now for $99/ year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Agency Boost host up to 10 Stores, Normally* $999\

Now for $499/year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100



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