The Company Name: “AMAZING“



Price: FREE registration and a Free online training event!Affiliate Marketing

14-day money-back guarantee.

Omnichannel + Amazing Selling Machine $2,997.00

Special Offer: Amazing Pro for 30 days for $1.

$1.00 Then $249.00 monthly

Amazing Pro annual subscribers

gets the above-mentioned items for a full year Save $1,800.

Then $1788.00 yearly

Matt Clark and Mike McClary


Overall Rank: 2.4


“AMAZING,“ Product Overview

Along with Matt Clark, who is the Chairman and Co-Founder of, Mike McClary is the company’s Chief Product Officer and co-creator of the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) course.

As a well-established ASM, thousands of big corporations have implemented it to create successful Amazon enterprises. Mike has built numerous lucrative enterprises that have let him sell millions of dollars worth of his own products on Amazon. Matt Supposedly wants to assist others in starting and growing a successful business in order to give them the freedom to make their own decisions as they wish. He loves teaching entrepreneurs how to reach their full potential. He trained hundreds of students to launch their own firms and sell goods on Amazon since 2012. Also, he was featured on Forbes, CNBC, and

“AMAZING” , was featured in CNBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, MSN, and Success.

Additionally, had the opportunity to work with notable and successful business executives like:

Business NetworkRichard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.

Daymond John, an entrepreneur, investor, and the “People’s Shark.”

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee’s founder.

John Mackey, a co-founder and the CEO of Whole Foods, and Sara Blakely, the founder, and owner of Spanx.

However, none of their literary references to “AMAZING” don’t seem to be on the website.

You can register for the FREE online training event on the platform, which teaches you how to create a home-based business and attain sustainable income.

The seminar goes into great detail on how to start selling on Shopify and Amazon to grow and expand a successful online store.

In the FREE training obtain the 5-step strategy to manage a 7-figure business from home is emphasized, along with dedicating an hour each day to grow and maintain your new business.

You will learn the following during the training:

  • How to launch, grow and scale your own brand that is entirely yours in only five easy steps
  • How to develop a seven-figure business that profits from the billions of dollars spent on Amazon
  • Why selling on Amazon is probably the easiest platform to use if you want to create significant wealth
  • How to locate the ideal product to market while facing just about NO competition
  • The simple strategy to outrank leading brands on Amazon and direct consumers to your goods.
  • The innovative “direct-to-consumer” business strategy “AMAZING” has developed to create a $30 million brand, with 90% of sales occurring on Shopify and the remaining occurring on Amazon.
  • The four requirements to identify the RIGHT kind of product for this model’s success.
  • Why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform available today (and how to incorporate it into your existing Amazon sales channel.)
  • The quick and easy method for completing Shopify orders without the need for a separate warehouse or “3PL”.
  • The tip for using Facebook advertisements and other traffic sources effectively by concentrating on the one factor that everyone else ignores
  • How to increase subscription, repeat, and recurring revenue for ANY business (not restricted to consumables)

Online store

Positive things & what to be mindful of

The Good things about “AMAZING”.

  1. In this establishment, they assist you in creating your own eCommerce businesses.
  2. Exhibits how to expand your company on Shopify and Amazon.
  3. Provides Free Training before a 14-day money-back guarantee is purchased and a special offer to try “AMAZING PRO” for 30 days for just $1, Then $249.00 monthly.

Things to be mindful of:

  1. Since TRUSTPILOT displays numerous disgruntled customers who made payments but claim no returns and with poor customer support, it is questionable whether this company stands by its guarantees.
  2. The company claims to collaborate with well-known entrepreneurs however, the website appears to include no references from these entrepreneurs.
  3. The monthly/yearly price tag after the free training is quite hefty for a service that is offered for way less than other platforms that offer more or less the exact same results.

Who is “AMAZING“ For?

Those who wish to invest in starting an E-commerce Enterprise online to develop grow and scale their online business world.Brand Advertisement

“AMAZING“ Tools & Training

E-commerce is developed and expanded using Omnichannel Machine and “ASM” (Amazing Selling Machine).

“AMAZING“ Support

The company is offering one-on-one support for Upgrades to a brand-new Amazing Pro Platinum Membership as well as support through email and on its customer service hotline.

Be forewarned, customers seem to have a lot of complaints about the customer service provided, according to TRUSTPILOT.

When customers complain, they criticize the harsh response from little to no contact due to the lack of support. Another issue is that the company hasn’t responded much to these complaints on TRUSTPILOT.

AMAZING“ Pricing

Sign up and Receive Lifetime Access to Omnichannel Training for $2,997 (SAVE $2,802)
How to locate the ideal Shopify item Pricing

Create your company on Shopify

Growing your Shopify sales

Significantly greater Shopify expansion

Incorporating Amazon

Sophisticated Amazon Acceleration Techniques

Templates, Resources, and Tools

A 60-day trial of Zipify’s sales and product page developer

Single Click Upsell for 60 days to enhance order value

For FREE, you may also create an FBA brand using Amazing Selling Machine.

Amazing Selling Machine Training is accessible for life.Affiliate Marketing $

Nine+ Simple Training Modules

More than 120 training videos that you can watch at your convenience

More than 20 hours of tested Amazon FBA content

Months of Coaching Sessions Available for Users

Amazing Selling Machine Training Platform Specifically Designed

Vault of Exclusive Private Resources

Hotline for Customer Support

Extra Skills: How to Locate Cheaper Products

Recordings of a Private Master Class

Moreover, 8 exclusive bonuses worth more than $6,000

Access to Zoof Platinum for 6 Months, worth $582

Specialist coaching calls monthly for a year ($1,000 Value)Online Seller or Buyer

Access to all training updates for a full year ($1,000 Value)

Private ASM Community Access for One Year ($500 Value)

Review of a Product Listing ($500 Value)

Strategy Meeting Before Launch, Worth $1,000

Brand Expansion Lesson, Worth $1,000

Personal Product Assessment (Value of $500)

Upgrade to Amazing Pro Platinum Membership: Three Expert Group Coaching Calls Each Week for a Monthly Value of $995.

Participate in a live conversation with our team of knowledgeable Shopify and Amazon sellers to get your questions addressed, have your views confirmed, and receive tailored guidance for your unique situation. Every call is recorded, and you can listen to them on your member dashboard.

Private Omnichannel Facebook group – Value of $299/Month

Connect with a community of hundreds of e-commerce entrepreneurs, share your successes, and get advice and inspiration from your peers and extra tools recommendations.

Exclusive Amazon Seller Community – Value of $299/Month

Meet tens of thousands of Amazon sellers, including 7- and 8-figure earners, who have relied on “AMAZING” staff and ASM training to launch, grow, and scale their companies.

A Dedicated Client Success Manager is Available for $549 Per Month.

Get confidential advice on important business decisions and one-on-one assistance from a seasoned Shopify and Amazon seller.

Private Slack Channel – Value of $249 Per Month

Access additional documents, recordings, and business news. Moreover, you can privately message coaches and Omnichannel members.

Total Cost: $2,391 per monthTarget audience

Regular Cost: $299 per month

With No real Contract. Can Abandon at any time.

Special Offer: Amazing Pro for 30 days for $1.

Then $249.00 monthly

Amazing Pro annual subscribers

Gets the above-mentioned items for a full year which saves $1,800.

Then $1788.00 yearly

Omnichannel + Amazing Selling Machine $2,997.00

TOTAL: $2,997.00


My Final Opinion of “AMAZING“

“AMAZING” is a fantastic platform for creating your Shopify and Amazon Enterprise, and the training also seems fantastic. However, unlike my #1 platform Wealthy Affiliate, which is more like your best friend because of the dedication to your success, which increases the success of such a company, Investing in “AMAZING” is entirely dependent on you.

I must commend Wealthy Affiliate’s owners for their unending assistance. You can even see on Trustpilot the owners’ own responses to community members or even those who falsely identify as community members. They will continue to work till they have overcome all the complex challenges you have encountered in starting and maintaining your business.At Mail shout out

In contrast to “AMAZING”, they appear to be fairly legitimate, but customer feedback reveals that many participants are dissatisfied with the service, particularly when it comes to the higher cost and complaints of poor customer service whenever becoming a member, for what you can get elsewhere for a much lower cost.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to a community that will ensure your success because there is always someone to turn to for advice if you get stuck or run into problems. Following the training and not skipping any steps will almost certainly result in your success. There are no shortcuts or backtracks necessary; just hard work and diligence will get you to that private beach where you can live your best life.

“AMAZING“ at a Glance…

The Company Name: “AMAZING”


Owners: Matt Clark and Mike McClary

Price: FREE registration and a Free online training event!

14-day money-back guarantee.

Omnichannel + Amazing Selling Machine $2,997.00

Special Offer: Try Amazing Pro for 30 days for $1.

$1.00 Then $249.00 monthly

Amazing Pro annual subscribers

get the above-mentioned items for a full year and save $1,800.

Then $1788.00 yearly

Overall Scam Rank: 80 out of 100



8 responses to “My “AMAZING“ – REVIEW”

  1. This is definitely worth exploring. Thanks for sharing.

    1. LashoneLE Avatar

      I am glad you find this engaging, Thanks

  2. Wow this is wonderful, though I have heard about this particular company before they never explained it for me this well for me to understand how it really works, thanks for this post I am able to understand much more better, I will register and check it out because I have been trying to get an e-commerce business for a while and needed just like this platform for an easy way to make that happen .

    1. LashoneLE Avatar

      Thanks Kayode, and which one of the platforms are you planning on joining?

  3. The Amazing Training platform sounds like a good way to test if affiliate marketing is for you because you only have to pay $1 and you’ll be able to start a home-based business. I have read several reviews of Amazing and they are not all negative. Some said that it is a legit program and you can really make money because they will assist you in creating your business.

    Of course, there are other programs that offer a free trial but it usually lasts for only 7 days. I don’t think 7 days is enough to learn most of the basic principles of affiliate marketing or how to start an e-commerce business.

    I have a couple of questions; can you make money for the first 30 days that you are on a $1 membership? You mentioned that for $2,997, I can have lifetime access to the training; did you mean to say that I do not have to pay again for anything and I can benefit from all the programs of Amazing? Please clarify if I understood this right, thank you.

    1. Hi Alice, Yes Amazing is a legit Affiliate marketing store house and you can sign up for a $1 Amazing pro trial. However, after that months trial you will be debited $249.00 monthly, $2,997 for 1 year. Amazing also offers numerous of free training videos even before you make any payments.

      In consideration, I would like to think of success as not a fly-by-night but diligence and hard work can produce results, therefore if you sign up at Amazing for $2,997 yearly or Amazing pro for $1 for 1 month, I would like to think that is not guaranteed that you will see all the success you may like to see. However, why I appreciate Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that you do have 7 days for a Bonus through a referral from the date you signed up and within those seven days you will already build a website and understand the functions of selling your brand online.

      Then if you see the possibility of a brighter future online you will make that investment which is the bare minimum really. You will become premium for just $19 within those seven days otherwise it will only cost Premium $49/monthly, and Premium Plus+ $99/monthly.

      Another thing Alice when you have built out your online store within the seven days and do choose to go premium or premium+ you will have a community dedicated to making your business a success by help you every step of the way while you grow and see your Own Success you get out what you put in and if you follow the guidance and take the necessary steps your success is almost guaranteed. If you were to use my referral at Wealthy Affiliate I would personally make sure all of your answers are met while you grow your success channel for yourself.

      You can also go right ahead and sign up to Amazing and enjoy the benefits over there, however you choose and if you ever have any other concerns or comments feel free to leave them in the comments box below. Thank you for your engagement…

  4. good product review. I had not ever heard of that company before. they seem quite steep. I personally would not pay that cost. there are much better companies out there like Wealthy Affiliate. The lay out was very good. the pictures were nicely placed. good job on the overall review. I’m thankfull for it. now I know about them if I ever come across them. 

    1. Thanks a lot Kellie!! I am glad to hear that, and if you ever wish to join Wealthy Affiliate, I will be glad to help. You can have a look at its review also here.
      Click the link above at my name.      

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