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“Inventor! If I had to put a profession on my business card, that is what I would write. I have invented my whole life.”

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The Man Behind This Story Line

According to its history René Lacoste was 18 years old, and was living in Bordeaux with his family he was known to be a bright student when he attended the Polytechnic School. His father was really into sports which influenced his interest in it so spent most of his time playing tennis. He ended up becoming passionate about the sport so he chose to skip school to follow it up full-time.

René played the sport until he gained legendary status as a tennis player, He so happens to won seven Grand Slam titles and give himself the best player globally during the period 1926-1927

In 1923 while making a trip to Boston the captain at the time told Rene he can get the crocodile leather suitcase he had his eyes on and admired in a shop window only if he won the next game.

He did not win but through being tenacious in the game, the American press gave him a call name “The Crocodile” as an homage.

The Crocodile nickname spread and got adapted into to tennis world. Rene liked the idea so he had his friend and a well-known stylist Robert George sew a crocodile onto the white jackets he would wear when he touches the court.

The Crocodile legend was earth birthed.
Lacoste sells clothing, footwear, eyewear, watches, leather goods, perfume, towels bags, and sportswear.

His Love for The Sport Is More Than Just Tennis In This Crocodile Love Affair

René Lacoste is a French tennis player and entrepreneur best known for his achievements in the tennis sports arena and as the founder of the Lacoste clothing brand.
In 1930, he married Simone Thion de la Chaume, a French golf champion who was also known for her established achievements in her own sport of golf.

During the time period they got married, golf was played mostly by men and it was never expected to see Simone’s success as a female golfer
It was challenging for his wife to establish gender roles at that time.
Simone Never stopped following her heart and passion for the golfing sport
and as a woman still became one of the world’s public figures to help break gender barriers in the world of sports.

René and Simone had a foundation in their marriage based on a set of shared values, including excellence, humility, passion, and fair play.
They also shared their values by passing them down to their daughter, Catherine Lacoste, who herself became a world team golf champion in 1967.
They had three sons and one daughter. Both sons Bernard and Michel took seats as president of their parent’s clothing company while the other children have their own seats on the board.

As a continuation to her mother’s legacy and a full-on testament to the power of persevering and dedicating one’s actions Catherine’s success displayed in the sport.
Today, the iconic crocodile logo, stylish clothing, and accessories created by the Lacoste brand are known worldwide.

This is a company that is devoted and committed to the excellence, innovation, and sustainability that derives and reflects the values that guided the Lacoste family from the idea to the dream for generations to come.

Another Powerful Quote By The Inventor is “To Live Is Self Inventing While Inventing Creates Life To Live

René Lacoste the French tennis player challenged all the tradition by introducing a new different type of shirt for tennis players to wear in 1933. Around these times, tennis players had to wear long sleeves, with button-up shirts while they play on the court, those shirts were known to be uncomfortable and restricting.

Lacoste thought to himself to design a more comfortable, lightweight, and more flexible polo shirt “petit piqué” cotton to make it. This type of innovation and new design gave tennis players the freedom to move more freely when playing on the court. This idea got widely popular not only among tennis players but the fashion world ran with the initiative.

When Lacoste and André Gillier founded the Lacoste brand in 1933, it was known to be the first clothing brand to feature a visible logo on garments.

The crocodile logo, the green crocodile, was an inspiration coming from Lacoste’s nickname on the tennis court as the “Crocodile”. This innovative spirit followed throughout his career.

In 1960, he had a patent on a shock absorber that could insert in between the strings on the tennis rackets, this helped reduce the vibration and make the tennis rackets more comfortable to use.

After that, around 1963, he brought a steel racket that was even more strong and durable, more powerful than traditional wooden rackets. His investment into the steel racket went on to win 46 Grand Slam titles between 1966 through 1978, making a solid cemented Lacoste’s reputation as a true visionary in the world of tennis and as a major brand.

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The Global Expansion

During the period in the 1950s, Lacoste began to expand its market further than Europe and North America. This happened because of the brand’s growing popularity among the tennis world of tennis players and fans, of course, because the founder Rene Lacoste’s reputation is built on being a tennis champion.

Moreover, Lacoste also diversified its product line and introduced a children’s clothing line. It established Lacoste as a trans-generational icon, appealing to people of all ages, and was known and seen to be a significant move.

Lacoste, however since known for its sporting spirit, is not just defined or about its products and this has guided its choices and values.
You can see the evidence of the sporting nature in Lacoste’s commitment to creating high-quality, performance-driven clothing that is designed for athletes and on-the-go active individuals.

Lacoste also has demonstrated a commitment to society and sustainability. This brand launched several initiatives aiming to reduce the environmental impact it has, like only making use of sustainable materials and reducing waste in production processing.

Introduction Of The Eau de Toilette fragrance

It was the 1960s, Lacoste, a clothing brand with the signature crocodile logo, released the first Eau de Toilette fragrance. This invention happened to have corresponded and blended with the cultural and social changes that were occurring within that said timing, it was influenced by the desire for greater individual freedom and own self-expression.

Lacoste collaborated with a man called Jean Patou, he has prominence as a French fashion designer and a perfumer. They created this fragrance,

Patou is known to be recognized for the luxurious and innovative fragrances, and the collaboration with Lacoste which helped the brand establish itself as a real player in the fragrance industry ball field.

The fragrance was designed to captivate the brand’s sporty and top-class sophisticated image, known to have a fresh and clean scent that is perfect for active individuals. The success and development of a range of fragrances for men and women were created, and each one got a personal own unique characteristic and personality. In all, it intends to reflect the timeless elegance and refinement of Lacoste the brand.

Diversifying The Gaming Portfolio

Lacoste is known to have officially sponsored Roland-Garros, known as a world-renowned tennis tournament, and has been active since 1971. The relationship between the brand and an iconic stadium dates back way before, the tournament’s inception in 1927.

René Lacoste was a French tennis player at the time and was part of a formidable team of players known as the “Four Musketeers”. It was 1927 when the team upscale and won the Davis Cup in the USA, it sparked a wave of national pride and enthusiasm for tennis all around France.

This achievement brought up plans to construct a brand new tennis stadium in Paris as an honor. René Lacoste and his fellow players were all involved in the designing and planning of the new stadium, It was named after Roland-Garros, the pioneering aviator that recently completed a historic flight across the Mediterranean.

Completed in 1928, The stadium was just about to host the following year’s Davis Cup and was once again won by René Lacoste and his dream team. It marked the beginning of this long and special relationship Lacoste and Roland-Garros share, the brand has become the official sponsor for the tournament for over four decades later.

These days, Lacoste still remains a major presence at Roland-Garros, with the iconic crocodile logo brandished on the uniforms of officials, ball kids, and even some players. A lacoste long-standing association with the tournament is a true testament to the endurance and legacy of René Lacoste and the Four Musketeers, along with their role in shaping the history of tennis in France and everywhere.

Lacoste Branching Out Lacoste logo shoe

Lacoste, clothing, and accessories have only been continuously expanding its product lines to cater to a wider range of targeted markets. Along with signature polo shirts, Lacoste also developed a range of elegant accessories that will complement your clothing line. For example, the line of eyewear was created in collaboration with designer Cahours de Virgile.

This collaboration was a result collection of eyewear that shows and embodies the brand’s classic and sophisticated style or swag. These eyewear creation features are in a variety of styles, which includes aviators, wayfarers, and rectangular frames. The frames are known to be made from high-quality materials and also come in a range of different colors to suit different tastes and your own preference.

This collection gained popularity in the fashion enthusiasts’ world and staple a name for those looking for stylish but also functional eyewear. Lacoste is known for its commitment to crafting quality and designing which has made the brand more trusted for shoppers to go shopping anywhere in the world.

Must Haves Accessories

Lacoste had expanded its product line and launched leather goods collections, collaborating with an esteemed designer that uphold French leather traditions at that time. This is another strategic partnership that aimed to give customers high-quality and authentic leather products that are stylish and durable at the same parallel time.

The collection has belts designed by Maison Hamon, which is a luxury leather goods brand known for its excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. This collaboration produced stunning belts that featured unique designs and patterns showcasing the style and expertise of both brands.

Lacoste Bags

Not to leave out Sogedi, the French company that specialize in manufacturing luggage and sports bags that Lacoste partnered with and this collaboration saw the creation of a range of luggage and sports bags to embody the sleek and sporty aesthetic that Lacoste is mostly known for. These bags are not only stylish, but they are also functional, to ensure that customers can carry all their essentials at ease and at their own convenience.

Lacoste’s venture into the leather goods industry without a doubt is successful in the strategic partnerships with renowned designers that uphold the French leather traditions. These different collections of belts, luggage, and sports bags are stylish, durable, and functional, which makes them a must-have if you are a fashion-conscious individual who values quality and is authentic.


Lacoste partnership with Pentland, the renowned shoe manufacturer that has been established in 1932, Unveils the debut line in casual footwear. This collaboration between these two companies saw the creation of high-quality and fashionable shoes that embodies Lacoste’s iconic style and Pentland’s known expertise in creating footwear designs and production. Another strategic move and innovation from Lacoste were to expand its product range into the casual footwear arena and serve as a testament to the brand’s full commitment to providing a comprehensive lifestyle experience. This launch was expected to reach and appeal to Lacoste’s existing customer base even while attracting new customers who look for comfortable and stylish shoes for everyday wear.

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Lacoste is renowned and well-known for its high-quality apparel creations and expanded its variety of products by introducing a line of watches that are clearly visible to see the extreme precision and elegance of movement the Lacoste brand is known for.

Revealed in the new collection at the prestigious Basel Watch Fair, there you can go and find the most recent advancements and innovations within the world of the watchmaking industry that is on showcase, this showcase demonstrated Lacoste’s keen sense of timing and the ability to keep in the lead and stay ahead of the curve.

Lacoste’s foray into watchmaking did meet them with great excitement coming from both the fashion world and horology enthusiasts. The brand’s signature crocodile logo is an embedded feature in the watches, giving it a unique touch that is very easy to recognize.

These watches individually are crafted with full-on attention to detail and come in a variety of different styles, from a sleek and minimalist to a very bold and sporty look.

Lacoste proved one more time to demonstrate commitment to new innovations and keep staying at the forefront of the fashion world industry.

If we mix the two, expertise in apparel with the precision and craftsmanship in watchmaking, Lacoste is the name to call, this brand has created a collection that is not just stylish but also functional. Is it a timepiece you are looking for in your everyday wear or is it a special occasion, check Lacoste’s new line of watches for a classy impression.

Lacoste Cares About And For The Less Fortunate

I admire that Lacoste is not only represented as a clothing brand, Lacoste Foundation was Established in 2006 and is a philanthropic organization they are also backed by Fondation de France.

The main objective is to promote social and professional inclusion of underprivileged youths and individuals with disabilities.

The foundation gives financial support and resources to a number of various programs the full initiative is to empower and uplift these marginalized groups of people.

Through numerous partnerships and collaborations with all types of non-profit organizations, the Lacoste Foundation helps and continues to help people by facilitating access to education, employment opportunities, and vocational training for young people whose lives are at risk of social exclusion or impoverishment.

Just to add, the foundation looks forward to raising awareness around the challenges faced by people with disabilities while promoting their integration into mainstream society.

The Lacoste Foundation is a Major player that plays an important role in the promotion of equality and social justice, particularly for individuals and groups that are faced with significant barriers to realizing their full potential.

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