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We continue to acknowledge that every purchase we make is considered an expenditure. All the items in our closets are equally valuable, whether they are designer sheepskin coats, fashionable party outfits, embellished footwear, or garments from the most classical designer stores. But there’s no disputing that iconic designer bags hold a very particular place in our hearts, wardrobe, and dress code.

A piece of designer luggage should perhaps last a lifetime, moreover, it pays to search for and maybe save up for designs from the most recognized, respected, and prestigious fashion houses in the market. There are too many alternatives to mention or choose from, from classic items like Gucci and Valentino to styles from companies like Versace, Fendi, or Louis Vuitton the process may be made even more challenging and complicated.Loewe Puzzle store

The legwork has already been done and the world’s most iconic designers bags have been put together as representations in one website, in addition to the bags that contributed towards each manufacturer’s legendary status, to help you arrive at the conclusion of which bag is the best or right investment for you.

To illuminate your imagination, here are the continuing of our Designer Bag Brands to get you on your best purchasing mindset for your personal Closet.

The Exciting Top Shelf “Loewe Puzzle”

In less than ten years this bag with an origami-inspired design became prominent.

In 2015, a simple yet exquisitely designed bag gave a brand new meaning to “Flap Pack” in reference to the Loewe Puzzle, a cuboid-shaped bag that is gorgeous, multi-functional, and foldable—though you wouldn’t want to keep it that way for very long because its geometric lines are far more striking in 3D.

Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of Loewe, conceived the idea for Puzzle. It had to be exceptional as it was his highly – anticipated bag design for the business organization and Loewe hadn’t introduced a new bag style since the 1980s.

Loewe Puzzle bags on shelves

According to Anderson, “I planned to develop a new strategy to make a bag, profoundly reshaping its construction. It involved disassembling a typical bag to produce a flat object with three-dimensional functionality.

The Display

At Loewe’s men’s SS15 show, Anderson’s unique design was revealed in all its tridimensional brilliance, and it was eventually merged into the women’s collection. The Puzzle has comfort and style with crisp lines, giving it a masculine and feminine vibe blend.

This is what to expect from the Northern Irish designer, who has worked for both Loewe and his own iconic brand.

Loewe Puzzle bagThis was more than just a fashionable bag. Its large capacity was incredibly useful, and its origami-like architecture was a work of art. Each Puzzle is made by hand in Madrid from 75 different pieces of leather and takes nine hours to complete. There are more than 500 individual steps involved, such as detailed cutting, hand stitching, and painting. It is Anderson’s tribute to the founders of Loewe, a Spanish enterprise that began as a workshop and collaborative emphasis on leather goods in 1846.

According to him, “As a powerhouse, we are about craft in the truest meaning of the word. Our materialism is found here, and it will always be relevant”.

Rise To Prominence

Within only 8 years, the Puzzle has cemented its place in capsule wardrobes and evolved into a bag icon, competing with styles of the best-selling designer bags.

It’s subjugated to a simple, monochromatic look, as shown by influencers like Jessica Skye and Hannah Crosskey, who both advocate for a modest aesthetic.Colorful Loewe Puzzle bag

It can also appear striking in pea-green or sunflower-yellow, two new-season hues influenced by the monochromatic glazes of ancient Chinese pottery, especially when worn with a matching strap with the brand’s emblem. Neutrals, pastels, and clashing color combinations are also reused season after season to reproduce Loewe’s tonal patchwork. The pink edition has been seen on Beyoncé and Kate Bosworth.

Not Just A Good-Looking Bag

The Puzzle’s captivating functioning is undisturbed by adornment. Even the Mini and Small versions have enough place for a phone, wallet, and case for sunglasses; nonetheless, the original medium size has extra room for all the above components in addition to an IPad or notepad and a water bottle.

To put your hands on a Puzzle that can fit a computer or a baby’s bathtub, Wait only until June for the publication of Loewe’s enormous Puzzle tote, a new model for fall/winter 2023 that has already aroused excitement on the brand’s Instagram and pursues a broader trend for XL bags. While you wait, explore view, and examine multiple versions of the legendary classics.

A Loewe Puzzle bag

The Puzzle bag has been used as a work of art of artistic creativity, like so many of the most expensive designer brands and best-selling designer bags.

Special editions feature paintings of plants and flowers inspired by the ideas of painters such as Ken Price and Joe Brainard. There are also Loewe’s three Studio Ghibli collections, of course, each of which is centered on a classic movie produced by the Japanese animation company and features puzzles that were — mainly designed for it. With Calcifer, the resident fire demon from Howl’s Moving Castle, making an appearance on the sides of Puzzle bags and their jacquard straps, the third and final drop commemorates the movie.

The Puzzle is magnificent in all three dimensions—2D, and 3D, found in the phenomenal Ghibli imagination.

The Basket

For being one of the first design companies to re-imagine this historical bag for the world of high fashion, LOEWE has become renowned with handcrafted baskets. This Basket bag is hand-woven in a variety of natural materials, including palm leaf, raffia, agave, elephant grass, and sisal, and is enhanced with calfskin elements by a global community of artists. Large, medium and small sizes are obtainable.

The basket raffia tote, the brand’s most approachable style, has recently developed a symbolic value, and given the fact that supplies had run out last summer, it is advised to invest in it as soon as possible.

A Loewe Puzzle basket

The Puzzle

The understated beauty of Loewe’s silky leather patterns has also proven to be a huge favorite with the fashion elite, so it’s not just the basket bag that has captured the hearts of those in the knowledge of it. These bags are for seniors; they convey the message, “I’m smart”. Although they don’t shout like Gucci and aren’t as well-known as Chloé, the durability says they will last forever.


The Cubi was also one of the anagram-adorned bags that Loewe launched last year. There are also several new cool hues accessible for S/S 22, and Monikh Dale was relatively quick to grab the style in not one but two combinations. It’s getting all the logo-mania vibes needed this year from the grab-or-shoulder bag. And it literally has iconic Loewe written all over it.


Because you can wear the hammock style in a variety of ways, including crossbody, on the shoulder, and as a portable device, it has proven to be vastly popular. That’s essentially three bags in one. Because of its adaptable shape, it is incredibly versatile, especially if you only intend to spend money on one bag.

Cushion Tote

It is precisely the right size to hold everything you own (e.g., a laptop, makeup bag, reusable water bottle, and snacks). It makes perfect sense that many people have used this as their carry-on. It will be ideal for any excursion this summer.

Loewe Puzzle bags on shelves

“The Lazo”

One of the most understated Loewe bags is the Lazo. The quality of the incredibly soft and smooth leather is what distinguishes this style despite its understated design and lack of a loud symbol. The suitable day bag is made in a hero shape.


On Loewe’s Postal debuted a few years ago, The Postal Influencers bought it up right away and promptly prominently displayed it all over Instagram. It is simple but efficient. For individuals who have someone else nearby to carry all of their possessions for them, it’s another modest look. This one is “inclined to join the ranks as one of the house’s legendary bag designs”, said the organization itself. Some best have been discovered on Vestiaire Collective.

The Gate

Another one of Loewe’s designs is easily recognizable. The countless color and size possibilities that are available are endless and constantly new styles are added to the wish lists as they are released. A prevailing favorite is the updated top-handle design.

We will look into the other brands in more detail, but for the time being, please let me know if you have any questions about the topic, or any specific bags or need help selecting your bags in the comment area below. As I am quite knowledgeable in this field, I will be more than happy to assist you.

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