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I am LashoneLE founder of the “BagsForEveryone”/“//Bagssaleonline.com/” website and experience. I have been in sales for a LONG while now and being a Salesman, I have learned a lot in dealing with other human beings. I have also learned that when selling, it is not much about the sale but the fiduciary in the relationship between two persons or more, the trust that leads to both persons achieving their own desired outcome, where BOTH WIN only then the sale is made.  Marketing Strategy
LashoneLE, I pride myself in giving the utmost best of service or product and delivering whatever it is you asked for with the highest level of integrity, and will not offer what is not available.

I just want to tell you a bit about my background and who I am and my story.

Ups and DownsHad My Fair Share Of Ups And Downs.

I grew up in the church that my mother and my Grandmother took me to and learning the values they have taught me, I integrated them into my business of selflessness which means in everything I do, I do it to the highest capacity of giving. Likewise, in products and services, I guarantee you get exactly what it is you ask for or if not, more. This is my goal at LashoneLE, E, for Eldorado Means Gold. EMG.

I enjoy playing sports or anything that challenges the mind to do better, I played basketball and football all through my school and college life. I was even a part of a music group where we use to create a lot of tracks for fun. As I grew older into my mid 20’s, I started reading more and I grew more intrigued by Financial Freedom now being close to my mid 30’s, I am more into Healthy, Wealthy, and Spiritual practices with aSpirituality sense of Purpose to fulfill and to help as many people as possible to achieve such Freedom and connectivity to life.

You can also reach out to me at https://remax-guyana.com as I’m an Affiliate Marketer, Salesman, and Realtor.
My objective is to assist you in achieving your mission and vision, even if it’s just to purchase a beautiful handbag for your wife or a designer man bag for your husband, or even backpacks to send your kids to school, LashoneLE will deliver. Just the matter of a split-second decision will make all the difference in the world.

I am also a member of the largest affiliate marketing platform in the world with over (2.3+ million members) WealthyAffiliate, where success is taught online. This Company has been helping others like yourself including myself for the past 16 years. Wealthy Affiliate also teaches you how to build blogs where you can take any passion and build a successful business. If you are interested in connecting with me over there, you can definitely do so here, (free to join no obligation).

My Goal is the Help You Reach Your Goals.

TO SET IT OUT CLEARLY I AM A BORN SALESMAN AND I LOVE TO SEE THE SMILE ON THE FACE OF ANOTHER HAPPY, SATISFIED CLIENT OR CUSTOMER. REAL ESTATE IS MY MAJOR OFFICIAL WORK SPORT, AND THIS WEBSITE IS A SIDE HOBBY AND A PLEASURE IN HELPING OTHERS GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR. Therefore Ultimately, my goal is to help YOU find a product/bag of Quality and quantity to YOUR preference through my experience, techniques, and ideas that I am constantly researching and evaluating in the Bags industry. It looks and feels good to know that your belongings are safe in a branded piece of art that catches everyone’s eyes if you’re the type to buy.Eagle-gift-bag

Knowing that your goals are met and your vision becomes a reality feels good. No outfit is complete without a bag to match, whether it is a backpack/rucksack, Belt bag, Bicycle bag, Bindle, Box clutch, Bowling bag, Briefcase, Bucket bag, Camera bag, Coin purse, Crossbody, Doctor, Duffel, etc.… YOU name it, My website and content are designed to help you with that.

I also want you to feel like you can reach out to me if you ever have any questions or want to share any ideas you have related to any type, style, or brand of bags you share an interest in, or just drop me a comment to say hi, that is cool.

Anyways that is my story and why I care. Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your experience within the walls of the “BagsForEveryone”//”BagsSaleOnline.com”// interactions here.

Also, don’t forget to share the Love with a Share, Like, Comment, and continue to look out for more exciting information…

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Let’s be Friends,

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Great Regards!!

Lashone Eldorado

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  1. Nice to meet you Lashone😊

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      Lori Nice to meet you too.

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